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Kristen R Kennedy

Kristen R. Kennedy

Mixed Media Artist


Kristen R. Kennedy is a professional mixed media artist. She currently lives in central California where she teaches junior college and university level art courses. Her Masters degree in Art came from California State University Fresno. Professional media choices include sculptural media (clay, glass, metal, wood, earth-art, & other organic materials) traditional drawing and painting media, as well as, digital art media (drawing, painting, video and photography). Choice of media and significant themes in her body of work help to express her world view and earthling spirit.

Kristen's work has been exhibited in various exhibition venues and galleries (Centralism-Gallery 25, Sorenson's, Art House, etc.) in Fresno and Lemoore. She has been published in a women's health book, religious anthropology textbook, fiction and fine art photography books.

Her body of work expresses a mufti-dimensional vision, process, and message which include themes of spiritual identity (artist as shaman), memory, the body, time, place, language of semiotics, science; her/historical relevance of pre-historic art and archetypes, Nature of life, earth, cycles and impermanence of art. She has a passion for creating visual work that conveys meaning and provides a real world spiritual (non-religious) experience.


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